White Dragon Reiki

white dragon.png

White Dragon Reiki


System founder Linda Colibert


The White Dragon is a powerful being, radiating purity, truth, wisdom and honor. It carries the white light of spirit to:


  • Cleanse negativity from your body, mind, spirit, energy systems, food, home and anything/anyone else you wish to cleanse

  • Remove negative entities

  • Reduce illness or disease

  • Bust, break, explode stubborn energies, issues and cords


White Dragon Reiki is easy to learn and use. Once attuned, you will be able to pass it on to others. Instruction includes course materials and one remote attunement sent via chi ball for you to call in at your convenience.


Cost: By donation. Suggested donation $40-65. Donate more if you can, or donate whatever you are able. If you are unable to donate, no worries. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.


I am trying this (offering by donation) as an experiment for a limited time and using it as a fundraiser. Depending on the outcome, I may decide to offer more things by donation.


Want to learn White Dragon Reiki? Contact me!