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KT Healing

KT Healing is a synergy of two unconditional loving energies: one for opening and easing kundalini flow and one for focusing tachyon consciousness wherever it is needed to amplify healing and power through blockages of all kinds.  


KT Healing works with your Higher Self and the body’s subtle energy structures to support, ease and facilitate healing and awakening. 

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Mystery Mastery Healing System

Life unfolds. But despite our attempts to understand and use it to try and shape (control) our lives, life is full of mystery; there is much we do not know and perhaps may never know.


Given this, how do we develop mastery as spiritual beings, as healers, as human beings? By aligning with the mystery of it all, and utilizing it without having to understand it. And by experiencing ourselves as that infinite mystery and learning to live as it. This is the intention of the Mystery Mastery Healing System.


The Mystery Mastery Healing System is not for everyone. It takes courage to let go of the definitions, roles and beliefs that you hold dear. To embrace deconstruction of the self and allow the unfolding of the “new.” To commit to letting go of expectations, attachments and aversions. To unlearn limitation in order to have direct experience of life and the mastery of its mysteries. This is healing as offered by the Mystery Mastery Healing System.


The Mystery Mastery Healing System offers perspective and healing tools. The course materials transmit individualized energy for healing and awakening each time you read them. The Mystery Mastery Healing System also includes attunements; energy transmissions for your healing needs and to help you align with the mystery of it all. For many students, the attunements are their favorite part and are sometimes even life changing.


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Lightarian AngelLinks (tm)

Day-to-day support from your team of Seraph and Archangels to expand the pure angelic qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, beauty and joy into your energy fields.

The connections offered here are very different from the “telepathic and etheric” connections many people have with the angels. These are especially fine tuned, very high vibration, permanent linkages within your energy fields that allow you and these angelic beings to work together more effectively.

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Lightarian AngelLink Extensions (tm)

If you love the high-vibration linkages you have established with the AngelLinks, and would like more, the Lightarian AngelLink Extensions are for you. These 6 Archangels have stepped forward to partner with you in your continued unfolding and day to day mastery.

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Lightarian Purification Rings (tm)

Specialized teams of groups of Seraphim step forward to assist you in your evolution and vibrational expansion. They offer the pure seraphic qualities of unconditional love, wholeness, harmonization, beauty and bliss in your energy fields and anchored into your daily life.


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