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The Session


The Session is a multi-purpose healing mp3 for people who want privacy and convenience, and who appreciate not having to continually pay for sessions each time they want healing.  


In my 25 years as a healer, I've discovered that, regardless of what you wish to address (health, personal growth, relationships, finances and more), the underlying challenges are, in essence the same. This mp3 uses subtle energy and guided process to help you address the underlying challenges and move forward in your life. 

The Session will work multi-dimensionally and interdimensionally. It is holographic. It will address past, present and future. It invites in so many high vibrational beings it would be difficult to name them all here, and the more you use the session, the more support you will attract because your vibration and light quotient will increase (and because that is how the session is set up).


With a running time of twelve and a half minutes, The Session is designed to fit into the busiest of schedules. You can listen to it with the volume on and follow along with the instructions, and you can use it on repeat with the volume turned off while you sleep, relax, or go about your day. (except while driving, or in situations where focus is necessary for your safety).


You can use it once or more each day, or just use it whenever you feel the need. The energies will never diminish or run out. Because the session is designed to personalize itself to whomever is using it, it will always be whatever is needed by the recipient. It will also continue to evolve and update itself so it will always be current to where the recipient is in their healing/awakening journey no matter how much time has passed since this session was created. However, the more often you use it, the stronger the effect.


My goal is to make this easy for you so all you have to do is use the mp3 of the session and kick back while things unfold. Have a cup of tea, take a relaxing bath, meditate, watch a movie, play with your children, clean the house or whatever you wish to do while the recording plays in the background. Life is good!


Please Note: The Session is not intended as a substitute for doctors or mental health providers. If you have medical or mental health conditions, please consult your doctor or mental health professional before using this activation. They will probably laugh at you and make fun of The Session but it is better to cover all your bases, just as I am doing by sharing this disclaimer.

Cost: $135

Click here to purchase. 

I have listened to The Session several times with the sound on today and I very definitely felt the effects! Difficult to describe but mainly a feeling of energy moving and rebalancing in my body accompanied by relaxation.


I went for a walk with the sound turned off (it looped around twice) and I felt calm and peaceful. Some old social anxiety wanted to surface when I encountered other people but it just seemed to disappear again...

I just wanted to let you know it's definitely working and I will keep you posted as to how things transform...

Thank you so much! I really feel blessed to have this audio in my life :) ~J.C.

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