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''While being attuned to MMHS Level One, I experienced a direct connect to Divine God Consciousness. I was given direct information instructing me that the triggers I had my entire life due to being an incest survivor were now being removed, forever. The pain I have endured from the effects of incest have been great and to go through this amazing experience via MMHS has been a true miracle, a gift I will always remember. I plan to complete your course ~ I can only imagine what is next. Thank you for your caring, wonderful gifts that you have chosen to share." A.M.


I just finished listening to this [The Session] and it was fabulous.  I love all of your work and for me, this is your best effort to date. I went so deep and was very reluctant to "come back". I feel wonderful!  During this session, I saw a wolf and his energy was pulled right into my core. I feel like my fierceness has been enhanced! 


Thank you. ~S.B.

Linda White Dove was my teacher many years ago for a healing modality then known as Shamballa Multidimensional Healing. Her teaching then, just as the lessons and recordings she offers now, continue to be both simple but profound.


A person who truly understands the Cosmos and Universal truths can keep our awakening process simple. Linda does, and her extraordinary star energy cuts through the dross holding one back from all they can be.

I so needed and am so very grateful for your new series 'Becoming delightfully unstuck'!

Every time I listen to a lesson, things in my body shift. Within two days of going through the recordings the first time, areas in my life started to get 'unstuck'. Like POW unstuck, so be ready!

I love miracles and believe in them, and believe in the master teacher/healer Linda White Dove. She is indeed a rare Master among us, very far ahead of most who teach metaphysics.

I hope you all give yourself the gift of her recordings.
Love and blessings, Jan Harkey, Millis, MA

I have just read the Level 1 KT Healing material and am so excited.  I was playing with the energy and was working on reducing the size of a mass that I have had for over 10 years below my left breast. 


My husband likes to call it my 3rd boob and has been pressing me for years to have it looked at.  While practicing the KT Healing hands on mode, I have managed to reduce the size to less than half of what it was. Have you experienced this with the energies ?


 I am super excited to continue with the process and can't wait to see what else I will achieve.  I know this is something I was truly meant to learn and know. ~D.T.

"I feel like I just witnessed and experienced infinite nature for the very first time. I actually felt as though I was gently and so lovingly held by an infinite being- within an infinite being. It felt expansive and eternal. Safe, silent, stillness. Wow. !!!!!  Like holy shit wow. 

When the attunement was over it felt like I was laid down ever so gently. I don’t remember ever feeling held and loved and safe like that. I had an immediate emotional release, crying and then overwhelmed with the joy of the whole experience." 

With love and gratitude, G.G.


“I am a practitioner of Linda’s Mystery Mastery Healing System. It is the foundation of my energy healing practice and many of my clients have remarked on the powerful energy they feel during the sessions.


Linda’s supportive guidance and remarkable MMHS training has allowed me to step into my personal power as a healer. What I like best is that everything works in my own time and I can feel the knowledge flowing into my life, bringing in important lessons and opportunities for growth.


I am so thankful to have Linda as teacher and guide.” 

Anna Tsui

Little Red Boar

” I was taken on the most wonderful and unexpected healing journey using Linda’s “Becoming Delightfully Unstuck” 21 day audio healings. Feeling “stuck” is an on going pattern for me in my life. I chose to make Career Stuckness my sole focus to clear during the 21 days. That was my intention, but that’s not what happened.


Turns out I rarely thought of my career issues or goals. My need to control the way the program was supposed to go and supposed to heal me vanished during the first audio session. Instead my mind and thoughts were instinctively directed to letting go and letting Linda guide me with her gentle guidance.


During each audio sesh, as I called them, the lifelong belief systems about my lack of self worth and forgiveness, my need to control things out of fear and resistance started emerging. Most of them I was fully aware of. I like putting things on the back burner to someday get to, look at and resolve. Some were surprises to me. All of these were aching to be seen in the light of day to be revealed like little children needing love and attention.


At first glance some of the titles I thought I didn’t need. Or they probably wouldn’t do much. They turned out to be the gems of the group for me. There were audios that made me weep, others I immediately felt a shift from and others lead me in a lovely trance like state for a few moments.


Linda’s audios are deceptively simple and yet are so profound in the loving healing punch they deliver. 


Without even focusing on it, I am actually closer to my career goal than I thought I would be after 21 days. It was the shifts in how I saw myself, my feelings of capability and self deservingness that I cleared in the program that is leading me closer to my dream. This is a program that I can use over and over again on every issue and challenge I have. I’m so excited that I have Linda’s healing love to help me through each one of them.” ~J.H.

Hi Linda!

Receiving an attunement from you is an absolute pleasure, on so many levels...

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner with some feedback, but honestly I just didn’t have the words yet.

This last attunement initiated some huge shifts on a foundational level. HUGE! I would liken the experience to an earthquake, but in the best possible sense.

I knew there were some big changes that I needed to make, but I hadn’t yet...

When I completely opened myself to the best possible conditions for the best possible outcome for this attunement- my outer world responded accordingly!!

In the most literal sense- my past ways were no longer supported (in the most amazing ways!)

I wish I had more words, but things are still unfolding...

The State that I live in is on fire, around me in every direction, as well as the State that I am supposed to be moving to. There’s a significant fire 10 miles from the new house. These are tense times, lol. But I’m surprisingly OK.

I plan on purchasing the next levels as soon as I am settled into the new place. I’m thinking that will be in the next 2-3 weeks...?

Much Love,


P.S. I hold you in the highest regard. Your teachings and attunements are priceless.

Hi Linda! I just finished the 30 days of Joy of Grounding and wanted to update you. Holy crap, that was awesome! My understanding of grounding has totally changed. I used to feel like to be grounded, I sort of had to lose all of my energy and collapse, and that is so not it. I can hold a lot of fire and still be rooted to the Earth.

Honestly, I think now I can hold more energy than before. I feel a really sweet relationship now with Gaia- in the beginning of the 30 days especially we did a lot of Mother work. It was really sweet. Now when I ground I feel like a kid handing my backpack to my mom, knowing I can come back for it anytime and whatever I release is most definitely not gone forever.

I knew we were really onto something here the other day when I felt super nauseous and lightheaded after working with clients, and when I did the attunement, it resolved immediately and I felt totally better. That's priceless to me, truly. ~E.S.

The last attunement was just great! It was nice and completely different. There were a lot of Ascended Masters around me and I saw pictures of my previous lives. It was not just a picture actually, I was watching a whole movie which was really useful for me, because it helped me to understand way I have had such experience in my present life.

Now I have a lot of things to think about, and to see from other points of view...

Linda, I really, really Love You!

Thank You! ~T.Z.

Hi Linda - I just listened to the 1st recording [of the Ascension Trio]. The energy that was placed in my brain pulled out the darkness of my childhood home. My head moved back and forth a couple of times and my entire spine was alive with electricity. I was lying down as I received these energies and all kinds of energy that I don't "need" any more fell from my brain and spine into the sofa and beyond. I am extremely relaxed. Later today, I intend to play this one again with no sound and see what that experience is like.

Recording #2

Whew - when you mentioned the correction of the subconscious, my head jerked to an extreme and energy flowed very differently than once second before - very relaxing and "corrected." When you re-calibrated my system - I saw a pure gold nuts and bolts kind of system with long gold tubes illuminating my "best" body - throughout my entire being. I felt and saw in both of these recordings that I will have many effects for quite some time to come.

Recording #3

My entire Being is humming. I am extraordinarily relaxed. All old physical injuries have been removed as well as the doctor's prognoses. I made a point of not believing my doctors regarding having arthritis, for example, when I got older due to motor vehicle injuries. These energies removed the unconscious beliefs that had taken hold. My left sciatic nerve was taken out and entirely replaced with a new nerve - brand new. My Higher Guide stepped in front of me ablaze in white light as a comforting reassurance and I felt extremely happy to have the support.

As more things come to light I will share them with you. Thank you so much Linda for your vigilance in pursuing knowledge in this way. Love, A.M.

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