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Sovereign Reiki

Sovereign Reiki: 

  • Uses entrainment for sessions and attunements, instead of the healer being a conduit for the energy. This significantly lessens the transfer of the healer's energy to the recipient during sessions or attunements.

  • Strengthens the healer's sovereignty. This means greater ease in sourcing empowerment from within, rather than dependence on external circumstances and events. Important in this chaotic world!

  • Supports healers and empaths in creating and maintaining healthy energetic boundaries- another essential if you are feeling the fear, anger and stress responses of others to elections, politics, economics, Covid, and more.

  • Offers a quick and easy process for subtle energy hygiene.

  • With its emphasis on entrainment, the vibratory level of the healer is very important with Sovereign Reiki. Sovereign Reiki is designed to raise the vibration of the healer. This is crucial as our world is calling for us to awaken.


Sovereign Reiki has 3 levels:

Sovereign Reiki Level 1 teaches the foundational self healing practice. This is a series of statements that work with your subtle energy to ground, clear, restore, raise the vibration, protect...and more. Level 1 also teaches hands on healing with Sovereign Reiki.

Sovereign Reiki Level 2 teaches how to use the level 2 symbols for self healing and healing of others. You will also learn to offer distance healing with Sovereign Reiki.


Sovereign Reiki Level 3, teaches the meaning of Sovereign Reiki Mastership. You will learn the Tenets of Sovereign Reiki. You will learn how to do self healing with the Sovereign Reiki Master symbol, and how to attune others to Sovereign Reiki Levels 1-3.

You must be a Reiki Master to learn Sovereign Reiki.

Be among the first to learn, use and teach this new modality!


  • 1-1 instruction

  • Learn from Sovereign Reiki founder and lead teacher

  • Lots of personal attention if you want it. Less if you don’t.

  • Course materials sent via e mail

  • Read materials at your own pace

  • Attunements done remotely with a set appointment time, or with the convenience option

  • After completion of level 3, you will be able to teach Sovereign Reiki, and offer Sovereign Reiki healing sessions

  • Ongoing support if you have questions after completing your instruction


Fee: $195 (this includes all 3 levels)

Contact me to purchase, or if you have questions. 

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