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Source Channel healing

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New Healers: Interested in learning energy healing but not interested in Reiki? Learn a quick, straightforward, down-to-earth, and easy way to do energy healing using Source Energy. 

Experienced Healers: Further open your healing channel for more potent energy flow to enhance whatever healing you are currently doing. Upgrade your healing by tapping into the potent energy of Source Channel Healing. 

Everyone: Reconnect your subtle energy, physical body and all the rest of you with Source for cellular re-generation, timeless youthfulness, physical healing, enhanced intuition, greater spiritual understanding, enhanced intuition, accelerated awakening, and more. 

For People Interested in Learning the Mystery Mastery Healing System but Who Don't Want to Learn Reiki, this meets the required Pre-requisite.

Source Channel Healing can be used as a stand alone healing modality for anything addressed by other energy healing modalities, and it is compatible with any type of energy healing you currently use, including Reiki.

One of my Favorite Things About Source Channel Healing is the Commands. 

It has basic commands for energizing and relaxing. And it has advanced commands for ancestral healing, sending to your timeline, re-calibrating for ease of integrating after healing, inner child healing, and accessing/embodying the part of you that has already resolved whatever you want to address and has mastery with it. I call this The Beyond.


Source Channel Healing has one level. Instruction includes written course materials and one attunement. Upon completion you will be able to do self healing, offering healing to others in person and via distance, and teach/attune others. 

No pre-requisites.

$75 USD. 

Contact me to purchase.

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