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silver Reiki


Silver Reiki (System Founders Ole and Marijana Gabrielsen) is the combination of pure silver and universal life force energy. Prior to the popularity of anti-biotics, silver was valued for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. 

Silver Reiki:

  • Protects and shields the etheric body

  • Rejuvenates at the cellular level

  • Infuse into water to create a powerful "healing elixir"

  • Easy to use

  • Good both for beginners and experienced healers

  • Stand-alone healing system

  • No pre-requisites

Silver Reiki has 3 levels, which are delivered together in one attunement.

  • The first level is an attunement into Reiki.

  • The second level is an attunement into the pure essence of silver

  • The third level is an attunement to the energy of today’s silver. So it is the energy of silver that is currently on the planet Earth. 

Instruction Includes: 

Course materials sent via e mail 

One distance attunement (sent for you to receive during your sleep cycle)

Silver Reiki: $65

Click here to purchase.


Although Silver Reiki can be used as a stand alone system with no pre-requisites, and although the first attunement is to Reiki, the instructional materials only teach Silver Reiki. If you want to learn Usui Reiki, go here.

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