Golden Lotus
Healing Sessions

Is there something you would like to resolve, heal and/or create? I can help you experience more inner freedom, ease, well being and joy. 


I am a multi-disciplinary healer, meaning I am able to assist you in most any aspect of your life. I draw from a wide variety of healing modalities and my lifetime of intuition and empathy to help focus and guide the process, so you can go deep and get the most from your session. Because of the way I layer healing, a lot can be accomplished in just 30 minutes!


I've been a healer for 26 years both teaching and offering sessions. I am also a certified coach. Check out my "About" page here.

​​Sessions are done over the phone and offered in bundles of 2 usually spaced 1 week apart. This provides opportunity to explore in depth, address related concerns that may come up, and make additional changes as needed. My intention is to help facilitate lasting transformation. 


I also provide suggestions, attunements and/or other processes you can use between sessions to continue the work, if you desire.

Package of 2 sessions of 30 minutes each: $165

Are you ready? Have questions? Contact me here.