Inner Magnificence Journeys

You are Magnificent!


You came from Divine Source. You are made of it. Your every breath, heartbeat, and even your cells are made of it. Divine Source journeys through you and with you. Even through your perceived flaws and life's challenges you are, always have been, and always will be magnificent. 


Perhaps you are here because something in your life is not the way you want it to be. Or maybe you are simply curious about what else you can create or who you are in a deeper sense. If you are ready, if you are feeling courageous and adventurous, I am here to assist you in discovering the wonder of you and to help you embody and live more of your magnificence. This is an opportunity to address the things you wish to resolve and/or create, as part of the journey of inner freedom, greater ease and joy.


Inner Magnificence Journeys are for healers, empaths, intuitives, lightworkers and other subtle energy enthusiasts. Inner Magnificence Journeys utilize a combination of talk-oriented coaching, and subtle energy processes to release what no longer serves you and bring in new understanding, new ways of being, and new opportunities.


I am a certified coach with 25 years experience as an energy healing facilitator. I draw from a wide variety of healing modalities and my lifetime of intuition and empathy to help focus and guide the process, so you can go deep and get the most from your session. 

Inner Magnificence Journeys are done over the phone and offered in bundles of 3, usually spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart. This provides opportunity to explore in depth, address related concerns that may come up, and make additional changes as needed. My intention is to help facilitate lasting transformation. 


I also provide suggestions, attunements and/or other processes you can use between sessions to continue the work, if you desire.

Larger packages of sessions are available, however everyone begins with the bundle of three Journeys. I'm not here to sell you a high end package. I'm here because I enjoy helping people who are ready for change. I want you to experience this work and decide for yourself if you are ready for more. Not everyone is ready for this. 

Are you ready? Have questions? Contact me here.

Package of 3 Inner Magnificence Journeys: $500