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Lifewave Patches

I use these several times a week for stem cells therapy, anti-oxidation and overall well being. I also use as needed for deep sleeping, pain relief and healing.

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Note: I am an affiliate for this and receive compensation for purchases. 


Access Consciousness

Many of the Access tools have become part of the healing work I offer, including many of the things on this website. I think you might find them useful and fun to explore.

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Note: I am an affiliate for this and receive compensation for purchases.


Vibes Up

This company makes amazing mats for healing and grounding. I often sit on one when working to enhance concentration and I frequently have one against my body when I sleep for detoxification and healing. 

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Focused Life Force Energy

These folks offer a service that creates a very high vibration field (560 or higher on the Hawkins scale of consciousness) in your home and/or around an item of your choice. I have both. My home feels amazing, like being held in unconditional love, and I take it with me wherever I go because I have it around my phone too.

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more info coming soon


more info coming soon


more info coming soon

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