Reiki Tenets for 2021 and Beyond

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Spiritual growth in 2021 and beyond calls for new ways of being (or new commitment to age old wisdom depending on your experience and how you look at it). Whether or not you practice Sovereign Reiki, I believe these Tenets and Commitments to be valuable.

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Sovereign Reiki Tenets

Today I:

1. Practice subtle energy hygiene- because we are all connected.

2. Ground frequently so I can be fully present and aware.

3. Remember that empowerment comes from my sovereign alignment with higher aspects, not from external people and situations.

4. Take responsibility for my own feelings, stories and reactions, while also setting boundaries when needed.

5. Respect the sovereignty of others, even if I disagree with the choices they make. Everyone has their own path and their own learning. This includes humanity as a whole.

6. Embrace Sovereign Reiki as the gift that it is. I honor this gift by expressing gratitude for my sovereign alignment, for the healing and awakening that comes from it, and for the entrainment I can hold for others. This, in turn, will help create even more sovereign alignment and more blessings for all.

A Sovereign Reiki Master is Committed To:

Alignment with Source and with their higher aspects in their day to day lives

Being grounded and present in life

Sourcing empowerment, insight, healing and manifestation from within

Focusing on their alignment as the foundation for helping others and the world. Change begins from within.

Keeping their energies as clear and high vibration as possible, and addressing self limitation, because our energies create our reality individually and as a collective.

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