Quit Smoking with The Patch Attunement!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Attunement is the process of connecting with your own innate ability to heal. You are a very powerful, infinite being with all the inner resources you will ever need for healing of body, mind and spirit.

The Patch Attunement is an energy transmission to help you connect with the part of yourself that eases physical cravings for cigarettes. Whenever you have a craving, follow the instructions below to ease or eliminate the desire to smoke. When you read and follow the instructions, I am sending you an energy transmission to help you attune to (tune into) the part of yourself that eases cravings for cigarettes.

To use the attunement, all you have to do is relax, close your eyes and affirm that you intend to receive the attunement in accordance with your highest good. Then just allow a few minutes for the attunement to unfold and integrate. All you need to experience this attunement is intent. These written words are merely information and instruction. When you intend to attune, your intent is assisted by mine and the attunement takes place. Nothing more is needed so please do not ask me to send you the attunement, everything you need is inside of you and supported by the words on this page you are currently reading. If you are reading these words, you will receive the free transmission if you follow the instructions.

This attunement (my assistance in helping you tune in) will be active for one month from the date you first use it. After that, you will have enough mastery with attuning to be able to tune in without my assistance. This is the primary goal of this attunement- to help you experience your mastery.

This attunement will work only when viewed from this website blog. You can share the link with friends and groups so they can benefit too. However my assistance in tuning in will be available for only one month per person.

Best wishes in your freedom from smoking!

Linda White Dove

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