People Are Not Toxins

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I’ve noticed a lot of self help quotes lately that refer to “toxic” people. Every time I see this, I want to cringe. A person can be a good fit or a bad fit for you. They can be someone you want to have around, or someone you choose to not have around, but labeling someone as “toxic,” feels damaging to both the person being labeled and the one doing the labeling.

Nobody is inherently a walking toxin. We are all just going about our lives, some more aware than others, each doing the best we can, or not. If you get triggered by someone, instead of blaming them and calling them a toxin, you can choose to see what they are mirroring for you, and take responsibility for how you feel and react.

You can also choose to set boundaries or keep a distance, removing them from your life completely if you wish. But seeing them, and yourself with compassion will go a long way towards self healing, healing your relationships, and perhaps also make a difference for that other person. We are all connected.

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