How to Address Strong Emotions

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

With so many people I know going through a lot of strong emotions, I have decided to share with you a technique I use often when I feel triggered by people or situations. I also use it when I can tell some strong emotion is brewing inside me but I do not know what it is.

This technique uses a sensate, visceral focus. When you work with a situation or person via sensation, and do it from a state of expansion, you tap into a state of consciousness that bypasses the ruling of the rational/logical mind and the beliefs, thoughts and feelings that come with it, which often keep you stuck in limitation. You can then address and resolve things at the core, including the beliefs, thoughts and feeling.

The beauty of this technique is that it is easy to use, does not require that you know the cause, and it usually quickly defuses the intensity, leaving you with a sense of peace. Repeated use of this technique will remove any attachments to the people and situations, along with the reactivity.

Here is the technique:

Relax. Close your eyes, and take a few very slow, deep breaths. Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly. Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly. Once again, inhale slowly, exhale slowly. Begin by imagining you are in a column of beautiful, radiant, white light that encompasses your entire body. The column goes all the way into the core of the earth. Sense the love that the earth has for you at its core.

Now, sense the column going down through the core of the earth and out into space, and into all of divine creation. Feel the combined love from the core of the earth, space and divine creation in the column, nourishing you, supporting you, doing the work for you so you can simply relax and let go.

As you relax into the light and love, take a few slow deep breaths. Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly. Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly. Once again, inhale slowly, exhale slowly and allow the light of the column to expand out in all directions so the light fills your home, your city or town, your country, continent, the entire planet, and beyond. You don’t have to focus on seeing it or feeling it. Just enjoy the feeling of expansion and light.

Now, stay with the experience while also bringing to mind the situation (or person) that brings up the strong feelings. Notice any sensations inside your body, for example tension or heat. Now, let go of any thoughts or memories, allowing your mind and heart to be expansive and filled with the same light that is emanating from the column and expanding out. Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly. Feel the sensations related to the situation.

Stay with the experience of the sensation, allowing it to do whatever it needs to do, with no resistance or direction from you. It is important to stay with the sensation only. If you find yourself evaluating, wondering what is unfolding, judging yourself for the sensation or situation or using your mind in any way, refocus on the sensation and the expansion.

As you stay with the sensation, it might move up your body and out your the top of your head, other times it will release through the base of your spine or bottoms of your feet, or another body area. Other times it will move around your body eventually dissipating or transforming. Just stay with the experience of the sensation and the expansion as it releases, dissipates or transforms. If the sensation is intense or painful, reconnect with your expansiveness, while also bringing some of it inside the area in which you feel the intensity or pain. Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly.

Good. Now I want you to remember the person or situation again and notice what happens. If you have reactivity, you may notice it is less than before. Or the reactivity may be gone. Sometimes the reactivity is gone after one session. Other times you might need to do the session a few more times. Either way, you may be surprised at how quickly this process works to diffuse strong emotions and limiting beliefs, and resolve it at the cause level. Once this happens you will be free to uplevel to something more fulfilling. Enjoy!

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