How Much Are You Worth?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Imagine this:

You have been anonymously nominated for the “I’m Worth It Reward,” and you have won. The gift is $500. You go down to the office and they hand you the check. How comfortable are you in receiving it? What if the amount was $5000? How about $500,000? $5,000,000?

Would you wonder what you have done to be worth it? Would you question whether you are truly worth it? Would you feel pressure to live up to it? What would go through your mind (and body)? At what amount of money would you have difficulty believing you are worthy of the reward?

It may be an improbable example to win an award like that but what if life works this way? What if life brings you what you allow yourself to have? When the door to abundance of all kinds opens, can you meet it and open the door? All the way open?

Consider each of the monetary amounts. Notice what happens in your body when you think of receiving each one. If you discover resistance, try using the technique in this blog post, to open yourself up to receive more. How much can you allow?

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