How Good Can You Stand It Today?

One of my favorite quotes is from Sanaya Roman channeling Orin: "How good can you stand it today?" As much as we think we want and deserve wonderful lives where everything works the way we want it, we often do not allow it to happen, and do not even realize we are blocking the very things we most desire.

This morning I was listening to a breathing meditation. The instructions were to breathe in the most luxurious sensations possible. Make it feel like silk or satin and make it smell like vanilla or some other pleasing aroma. With the next inhalation make the sensations and aromas even better, and continue with each inhalation to have the sensations and aromas continue to get better and better.

At first I really loved how wonderful it felt but after a few minutes with each breath bringing in better sensations I started getting annoyed. My resistance was coming up. I felt as if I had reached my limit of how good it was reasonable to feel. How could anyone keep feeling better and better with each breath for over 20 minutes?

I am going to experiment with this activity more, and go beyond my perceived glass ceiling of feel good potential. I challenge you to do the same. How good can you stand it today?

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