Creative Uses for Mystery Mastery (or Reiki) Attunements

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

In the Mystery Mastery Healing System, I teach many creative healing techniques and ways to use them. In this article I want to cover a few creative ways to use the Mystery Mastery Healing System attunements. If you have not studied the Mystery Mastery Healing System, but are a Reiki Master, you can do these with Reiki attunements.

Birth Attunement

What would it have been like to have been welcomed into this lifetime with an attunement celebrating your mastery? You can attune your newborn self with a Mystery Mastery Healing System attunement. Choose a level (MMHS 1-10) or let the level happen as your Infinite Nature does the choosing (recommended). Likewise if you use Reiki attunements.

Precious Moments

You can attune yourself at any point in your timeline, past, present and future. Important moments like graduations, weddings and parenthood are good times for attunements. Mastery sent into the past can transform the present, sometimes radically.


Experiences of being abused as a child, heartbreak, serious illness, car accidents, the divorce of your parents, the loss of a loved one- all these and more can stay with you effecting your life in ways that hold you back. By sending attunements to yourself when you went through trauma, you can lessen and perhaps even eliminate the ways these play out in your life currently. You are, in a sense, awakening and strengthening your Mastery at key times in your life when you needed it.

Aspects of Your Current Self

Could the part of you that feels shy in social situations use more Mastery? How about the part of you that holds onto anger, or the part of you that struggles financially, or the part that feels unworthy or not good enough? Make a list of all the aspects of your current self that could use more empowerment, and attune them to the Mystery Mastery Healing System or Reiki.

Before Attuning

Before attuning , take a few moments and turn your attention inwards. Think about the attunement you wish to give and the part of yourself or time in your life you wish to attune. See how it feels when you think about it. If it feels good, expansive, light spacious or some variation of this, it means the attunement would be helpful. If it feels constricting, heavy, dense of some variation of these, I recommend waiting until another time, and re-testing to see if the attunement is right for you at that time.


Attuning your past selves and current aspects can bring about a lot of shifts in your current experience, and especially in your body and emotions. It is very easy to overdo it and not realize until later that you have done too much too quickly. I ended up being bedridden for a week, and a few of my students who have tried this also overdid it.

It does not matter how good a healer you are, or even how experienced or how clear of a channel you are. A little bit of the attunements listed in this article can go a very long way. I recommend taking it very slowly, doing only one or maybe two attunements in a day, then waiting a few days before doing another. If you feel tired or sleepy or are having difficulty sleeping after attuning, this means you are going too quickly. The same applies if you are feeling irritable or are feeling more energy sensitive than usual. Be sure to take time off, get extra sleep and drink a lot more water than usual until you feel better and are ready to continue. Grounding is also important.

Wishing you wonderful unfoldment of all the Infinite Mastery you are.

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