Are You Shrink Wrapped?

How do you protect your energy around negative people? This was a question in a social media group for healers. One of the answers caught me by surprise. “I shrink wrap my energy to myself.”

I love the creativity of this, but as an empath I was horrified at the ramifications of shrink wrapping one’s energy. It feels terrible. Our energy is meant to expand, to flow. To shrink wrap your energy can lead to discomfort physically and emotionally, and possibly illness over the long term. Even thinking about shrink wrapping my energy makes it hard for me to breathe. [Expanding back out again]. Okay, that feels better!

Thinking about it more, shrink wrapping is an accurate metaphor for how people often go through life. Have you ever shrink wrapped your heart after being hurt? It is a self protective mechanism, to constrict. Not only do we do it with our energy and our hearts, we also often do it with our breathing, and our beliefs (become close minded). Whenever we shrink wrap any of these we shrink wrap our life force and our capacity for life.

You may be wondering what to do to protect against “negativity.” Shielding can be useful if that is something you do, but how about a more expansive shield? And later when you are alone, consider what you thought to be negative and feel it, expand into it. Allow yourself to feel expansive and empowered in the midst of that “negativity” until you feel safe. It is a transformative practice.

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