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Mystery Mastery Healing System

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Subtle energy is like paint and life is the canvas. If you are an experienced, adventurous healer who craves innovation and transformation, and you want to learn to be creative with subtle energy, you will love the Mystery Mastery Healing System!


The Mystery Mastery Healing System is not a color-by-numbers, place-your-hands-here-and-visualize-this-symbol approach to healing. It will provide a framework for creating with life's mysteries from which you can experience yourself and energy healing in new ways and even create your own subtle energy healing tools/processes for yourself, your clients and your students. 

With the Mystery Mastery Healing System, you can:

  • Embrace the Unknown and Unknowable and use it for healing

  • Work as Infinity, as all of creation

  • Safely Multi-task

  • Ethically tap into almost any energy or healing modality

  • Enhance your abilities via the art of letting go

  • Deepen your Presence

  • Create with energies in ways you did not realize was possible

  • Open to new possibilities for yourself, your clients and your students

  • And much more!

Instruction Includes

Course materials sent via e mail.

Study at your own pace.

Interact with the teacher and founder via e mail as often as you need. 

"Distance" attumement via appointment or at your convenience. 

Here's What People are Saying about the Mystery Mastery Healing System

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I’m totally in awe. Each of your attunements has unlocked parts of me that allow energy to
I’m totally in awe. Each of your attunements has unlocked parts of me that allow energy to

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