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Lightarian AngelLink Extensions (tm)


If you love the high-vibration linkages you have established with the AngelLinks, and would like more, these 6 Archangels have stepped forward to partner with you in your continued unfolding and day to day mastery.

AA Ariel


~The power to regulate and control the natural world

~Meeting our physical and material needs, often through opportunities

~Developing a deeper connection with nature

~Discerning our true purpose in life


AA Jophiel


~Attaining insight and seeing things from a different perspective

~Cutting through delusions and personal illusions, bringing truth and wisdom

~Helping with difficult choices and hard decisions

~Discovering more joy and laughter and beauty in life


AA Chamuel


~Bringing peace to the world and to relationships

~Attaining life purpose, loving relationships, a fulfilling job and solutions to problems

~Combating lower vibrating negative energies in all aspects of your life

~Seeing the interconnectedness in all things

~Finding the strength to face adversity when you believe you do not have any left

~Repairing a relationship or misunderstanding

~Healing parts in your energy field that are blocking you

~Easing “negative” emotions such as rejection, stress, judgment or loneliness


AA Metatron


~Guardian of the Akashic Records

~Bridging the gap between heaven and earth

~Exploring and expressing ideas

~Acclimating to ascension changes

~Balancing your aura

~Accessing your higher self

~Adjusting to energetic shifts in your life

~Guiding you as you open to your psychic and spiritual gifts


AA Sandalphon


~Connecting you with your inner spiritual world

~Strengthen your emotional fortitude to make decisions without giving in to fear or uncertainty

~Giving you the confidence to trust your skills and expand upon them

~Helping with artistic endeavors such as music or writing

~Giving signs and omens to help you make a decision

~Guiding you to music to lift you up and fill you with happiness when you are down


AA Raziel


~Healing of hurtful memories and painful trauma

~Removing psychic blockages to unlock deep memories and attain knowledge stored in your higher self

~Gaining self awareness and understanding of your true power, help you step into it

~Undoing vows from past lives

~Cutting cords

~Healing phobias and irrational fear

~Healing problems that have held you back from your spiritual development

~Developing higher levels of spiritual awareness, psychic abilities and intuitive skills

The AngelLink Extensions are passed on to you via a simple guided meditation process called an attunement. This can be done via telephone, or remotely (from a distance at a set appointment time).


You will receive course materials in advance for self study. When you have finished studying the materials, contact me to arrange your appointment to receive your AngelLink Extension.


If you have any questions about the information in the materials, you can discuss them with me during your phone session or via e mail if you are receiving remotely. After you receive your AngelLink Extension, you can register to become a facilitator and conduit in the expansion of these divine qualities throughout humanity.

Pre-requisite: AngelLinks

Course materials available as eManual (which is online only and cannot be printed) or printed (hard copy) manual. Note: Due to social isolation requirements, only the eManual is available at this time. 

Archangel Ariel $85.50

Archangel Jophiel $85.50

Archangel Chamuel $85.50

Archangel Metatron $85.50

Archangel Sandalphon $85.50

Archangel Raziel $85.50

Entire Program: (save 10%) $461.70

Contact me to purchase.

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