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KT Healing


KT Healing is a synergy of two unconditional loving energies: one for opening and easing kundalini flow and one for focusing tachyon consciousness wherever it is needed to amplify healing and power through blockages of all kinds.  The two energies of KT Healing combine into one energy that works with the body’s subtle energy structures to support, ease and facilitate healing and awakening. KT Healing works under the supervision of your Higher Self to ensure an individualized approach that meets your specific needs each time you use it. 

KT Healing


Helps with the symptoms and side effects of awakening, ascension, and kundalini rising. 
Can be used to clear stuck energy from the body and its energy systems such as the chakras 
Addresses emotional triggers 
Is a tool for consciousness expansion, meditation, and opening to new insights 
Is a source of nourishing chi when your levels are low


KT Healing has four levels. Level 1 covers how to use KT Healing for self healing. Level 2 covers the use of KT Healing for awakening. Level 3 teaches how to offer KT Healing sessions to others. The focus of level 4 is how to teach and attune others to KT Healing. 


Each level of KT Healing includes course materials and an attunement. 
Attunements are available at a set appointment time, or with the convenience option (I notify you once your attunement is ready, and you can call it in on your own whenever is convenient for you). 


Cost: $295 for all 4 levels together. Click here to purchase.

Or pay for one level at a time at $73.75 per level (contact me to arrange this).


I have just read the Level 1 KT Healing material and am so excited.  I was playing with the energy and was working on reducing the size of a mass that I have had for over 10 years below my left breast. 


My husband likes to call it my 3rd boob and has been pressing me for years to have it looked at.  While practicing the KT Healing hands on mode, I have managed to reduce the size to less than half of what it was. Have you experienced this with the energies ?


 I am super excited to continue with the process and can't wait to see what else I will achieve.  I know this is something I was truly meant to learn and know.


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