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I Am Grateful

Gratitude Energy healing

Gratitude is a Frequency. Have You Tuned Into Gratitude Today_.png

Did you know you can take the energy of gratitude and use it for energy healing? You can use it for chakra healing, manifesting, inner child healing, physical healing, relationship healing, spiritual awakening, and more. 

I AM Grateful is an energy healing modality you can use hands-on or hands-free. In addition to the uses already mentioned (and many I did not), it can help you feel the energy of gratitude in your body, and entire energy field. If you are someone who would like to add the embodied experience of gratitude to your daily practice, I AM Grateful could be a good fit for you.

This modality is designed for self healing. It does not teach how to use it for healing others, and it is not designed as something you can teach (or attune) others. 

Instruction includes course materials sent via e mail and one "distance" attunement to be received during your sleep cycle or via the convenience option. 

If you have already learned Free at Heart or Miracle Reiki you have already been attuned to I AM Grateful. As a thank you, I will offer you the course materials for free! 

$45 USD

Contact me to purchase. 

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