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Gold Reiki

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Gold Reiki (System Founders Ole and Marijana Gabrielsen) is the combination of pure gold and universal life force energy. The gold essence emits a strong and boosting energy. It can transform almost anything in the world!

When emotions of lower frequency such as pity, anger, shame, etc, come in touch with Gold Reiki, the person actually gets lifted from those emotions and rises in frequency, transforming into joy, acceptance, self-love, self-healing, etc.

Gold Reiki 

  • Helps to heal the physical body

  • Transforms negativity

  • Raises our vibration

  • Can be used to charge water, oil, crystals

  • Stand-alone healing system

  • No pre-requisites

Gold Reiki has 3 levels, which are delivered together in one attunement.

  • The first level is an attunement into Reiki.

  • The second level is an attunement into the pure essence of gold.

  • The third level is an attunement to the energy of today’s gold. So it is the energy of gold that is currently on the planet Earth. Of course, you should work with the purest essence of the gold of these times. And with that energy, you can intentionally clear and clean the physical gold in the world, like gold bars or jewelry. 

Instruction Includes: 

Course materials sent via e mail 

One distance attunement (sent for you to receive during your sleep cycle)

Gold Reiki: $65

Click here to purchase.


Although Gold Reiki can be used as a stand alone system with no pre-requisites, and although the first attunement is to Reiki, the instructional materials only teach Gold Reiki. If you want to learn Usui Reiki, go here.

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