Archangel Raphael Reiki

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Archangel Raphael Reiki combines the energy of Reiki with the healing, love and service to humanity of Archangel Raphael and the Arcturians. 

Archangel Raphael:


Known as the Archangel of healing, his name translates as “Medicine of God,” in Hebrew. He has been known to bring about healing miracles of body, mind and spirit.


The Arcturians:


These highly advanced, high vibration, ET allies are master healers, on a path of service to support humanity in healing and awakening, both individually and collectively.

Archangel Raphael Reiki:


  • Offers direct healing of body, mind and spirit

  • Strengthens and expands your healing abilities

  • Helps release negative energy from emotional states past or present

  • Clears away energy from stress, imprints and trauma

  • Accelerates personal evolution

  • Promotes inner peace

  • Provides guidance through intuition, dreams, signs and synchronicity

  • Supports healers in being of service to others by helping healers with their own healing and with attracting healing clients and students

Instruction Includes: 

  • Course materials sent via e mail 

  • One distance attunement 

  • After being attuned, you will be able to do sessions for yourself and for others. You will also be able to teach and attune others to Archangel Raphael Reiki!


Prerequisite: Reiki Level 2 recommended

Archangel Raphael Reiki: $65

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