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Archangel Michael Reiki

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Archangel Michael Reiki combines the energy of Reiki with the protection, clearing, strength, wisdom and love of Archangel Michael.


Archangel Michael Reiki:


  • Clears away unwanted energies, beings, devices and more

  • Removes cords, threads, hooks, ties, etc.

  • Protects, strengthens, and restores

  • Lights your way through difficult situations

  • Brings clarity, strength and wisdom

  • Provides experience of safety

  • Holds you in deep Divine Love

Instruction Includes: 

  • Course materials sent via e mail 

  • One distance attunement 

  • After being attuned, you will be able to do sessions for yourself and for others. You will also be able to teach and attune others to Archangel Michael Reiki!


Prerequisite: Reiki Level 2

Archangel Michael Reiki: $65

Click here to purchase. 


I work with the angels quite often and yesterday when I saw your post I knew it was a message. My healing was very needed, during my session I saw Archangel Michael come forth and he removed two black cords that were attached to my mid section, one was very stubborn but I saw how he used his white light to detach it. He then covered me in his blue healing light and put his wings around me and told me he is always by my side. I so needed this! Thank you again from my heart.



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