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As an infinite being, all options for how you want to be/what you want to accomplish are already part of who you are, you just have to know how to access them. That is the goal of the activations on this page. Each one is designed to help you access an aspect of yourself and be able to use it whenever you desire. 

The process is simple. I work with your higher self, the archangels and ascended masters to safely open the door, so to speak, to the part(s) of your infinite nature you want to activate. The instructions are available to you via a download link upon purchase. Simply follow the instructions to receive your activations. You call in the activations via a simple statement of intention (details in the instructions) which I have set up in advance of your purchase to bring you the activations without you needing to contact me to arrange them. You call them in at your convenience. No cookie cutter activations here! Your activations will be personalized specifically for you.


I've been offering activations in this way for almost 20 years with excellent results. Sound impossible? Good. One of my intentions in offering in this format is to open your mind to what is possible, not just for me but also for you. I am aware that not everyone will be ready or interested in opening this door. If you are ready, congratulations and welcome :) 


Each offering on this page provides 30 days of activations, after which you will be able to activate yourself whenever you desire, without my help. You will have a new skill for life.


Sugar Freedom and Beyond Sugar

I AM Grateful (this is also available as part of Free At Heart)


These need testing, please contact me if you would like to be a tester:

Beyond Trauma

Panic Ender