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Abundance Reiki

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"It is important to realize that you live on planet Earth, which is a planet of material abundance. There is nothing bad about being fully “equipped” with everything you need. All people deserve to be healthy, happy, and safe. There is truly nothing wrong with being rich, as long as you realize that being truly rich is being full of love.

Unlock your potential and allow the energy flow of abundance to ease your life.
You might think you do not deserve abundance and wealth, but actually, you do."

~Channeled Message from Ascended Master Abundantia (from the Abundance Reiki Materials)


Learn Abundance Reiki!


  • 1-1 instruction (no need to wait for a class)

  • Self Paced to fit your schedule

  • Learn from the comfort of your home

  • Teach and attune others once you have completed the training

Instruction Includes

Written course materials

1 Distant Attunement 

$45 USD

Contact me to purchase.

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