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About Your Facilitator


Hello subtle energy explorers. My name is Linda and I have been intuitively aware and empathic since the age of 3, long before I realized others did not perceive with the same depth I did.

When I was 6, on my first day of kindergarten, I had sudden realization I was trapped in the body of a 6 year old kid. I had information to share with humanity but it would be years until I would be old enough for anyone to listen. Shortly after that the realization was forgotten. The intuition remained, but I did not know that was what it was. I grew up in a logic-oriented family and was skeptical of things like intuition, even while using it all the time, unaware.

Growing up knowing that the adults around me were confused, unhappy or afraid on the inside despite how they came across on the outside had a big impact on me. Feeling their disconnect (from their higher nature, or from what they were saying) also left a big impression. I saw through the job titles, education, etc. There were no authority figures for me, just struggling disconnected people. I learned to trust my intuition more than anything anyone else said, even the experts. Perhaps more importantly, over time, I also developed compassion.

Life went on. I went to college and earned my Master's degree in Adult Education. I enrolled in a Group Facilitator Training program, one of the best decisions I have ever made, and became the youngest person to graduate (at age 19). I went on to facilitate interpersonal skills/self awareness groups and singles events for professionals for many years.

I discovered confidence I never knew I had, and found community of like-minded people for the first time in my life. I had a good management job (in a non-profit) that many people desired. But I knew there was some type of work I was supposed to be doing, that my heart longed for and burned for, and being away from it was excruciatingly painful. I did not know what that work was- but not doing it was leading me into deeper and deeper depression every day.

Then, 25 years ago, my intuition (of which I had become aware) led to me to learn energy healing. A whole new world opened to me and changed my life completely. Since then I have been a student of subtle energy, observing and allowing it to show me, lead me, teach me and literally shape me to do the work I love to do. I have been teaching energy healing ever since. An awakening in 2013 has led to a deepening of my intuition and ability to work with energy. Now in my 50s, I have a lifetime of experience using my gifts to help myself and assist others.

Whatever it is you wish to address or to create, I can support, facilitate and bridge from where you are now to where/how you wish to be. Your healing and awakening IS my life's work and I would not have it any other way. What juicy joy, greater ease or liberation can I help you bring into your consciousness and your life? How much fun and adventure can you have?

I offer healing sessions over the phone using subtle energy exploration from my intuition and from the too-many-to-post-here healing modalities I have studied.

If you are a healer and would like to deepen your awakening and further develop your skills...and you prefer innovative, outside-the-box modalities over what most everyone else is using, I invite you to discover the Mystery Mastery Healing System, and my other trainings here.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Infinite Blessings,


A person who truly understands the Cosmos and Universal truths can keep our awakening process simple. Linda does, and her extraordinary star energy cuts through the dross holding one back from all they can be.

I love miracles and believe in them, and believe in the master teacher/healer Linda White Dove. She is indeed a rare Master among us.


I feel like I just witnessed and experienced infinite nature for the very first time. I actually felt as though I was gently and so lovingly held by an infinite being- within an infinite being. It felt expansive and eternal. Safe, silent, stillness. Wow. !!!!! 

Like holy shit wow. 

I don’t remember ever feeling held and loved and safe like that. I had an immediate emotional release, crying and then overwhelmed with the joy of the whole experience. 


With love and gratitude.



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