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"I so needed and am so very grateful for your new series 'Becoming Delightfully Unstuck'!

Every time I listen to a lesson, things in my body shift. Within two days of going through the recordings the first time, areas in my life started to get 'unstuck'. Like POW unstuck, so be ready!"


"I feel like I just witnessed and experienced infinite nature for the very first time. I actually felt as though I was gently and so lovingly held by an infinite being- within an infinite being. It felt expansive and eternal. Safe, silent, stillness. Wow. !!!!!  Like holy shit wow. 

When the attunement was over it felt like I was laid down ever so gently. I don’t remember ever feeling held and loved and safe like that. I had an immediate emotional release, crying and then overwhelmed with the joy of the whole experience. 

With love and gratitude, 



''While being attuned to Mystery Mastery Healing System Level One, I experienced a direct connect to Divine God Consciousness. I was given direct information instructing me that the triggers I had my entire life due to being an incest survivor were now being removed, forever.


The pain I have endured from the effects of incest have been great and to go through this amazing experience via MMHS has been a true miracle, a gift I will always remember. I plan to complete your course ~ I can only imagine what is next. Thank you for your caring, wonderful gifts that you have chosen to share."



"Hi Linda, I just wanted to let you know that the Sugar Freedom Attunement has been very effective! Feels like no effort, I have zero sugar cravings now, I am able to enjoy a little bit of something sweet and then stop as I feel totally satisfied! That was definitely not the case before."



“I am a practitioner of Linda’s Mystery Mastery Healing System. It is the foundation of my energy healing practice and many of my clients have remarked on the powerful energy they feel during the sessions."


"Linda’s audios are deceptively simple and yet are so profound in the loving healing punch they deliver."



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